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Michael Legrand – Une Femme Est Une Femme (1961)

woman 2

No Tracklist Available

This soundtrack is also out of print, and as of now unavailable on ebay.

So just download it HERE.

NOTE: Special thanks to Manchester Morgue, who originally posted this soundtrack.


Clint Mansell – The Fountain (2006)


  1. The Last Man
  2. Holy Dread!
  3. Tree of Life
  4. Stay With Me
  5. Death is a Disease
  6. Xibalba
  7. First Snow
  8. Finish It
  9. Death is the Road to Awe
  10. Together We Will Live Forever

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Ennio Morricone – The Thing (1982)

The Thing

  1. Humanity (Part I)
  2. Shape
  3. Contamination
  4. Bestiality
  5. Solitude
  6. Eternity
  7. Wait
  8. Humanity (Part II)
  9. Sterilization
  10. Despair

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Quincy Jones – In Cold Blood (1967)

In Cold Blood

  1. In Cold Blood
  2. Clutter Family Theme
  3. Hangin’ Paper
  4. Down Clutter’s Lane
  5. Seduction
  6. Perry’s Theme
  7. Lonely Bottles
  8. No Witnesses
  9. I’ll Have To Kill You
  10. Nina
  11. Murder Scene
  12. The Corner

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Lalo Schifrin – Bullitt (1968)


  1. Bullitt (Main Title)
  2. Room “26”
  3. Hotel Daniels
  4. The Aftermath Of Love
  5. Music To Interrogate By
  6. On The Way To San Mateo
  7. Ice Pick Mike
  8. A Song For Cathy
  9. Shifting Gears
  10. Cantata For Combo
  11. The First Snowfall (Sonny Burke)
  12. Bullitt (end Title)

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John Lurie – Down By Law (1986) + Variety (1985)

Down By Law CD Cover

  1. What Do You Know About Music, You’re Not a Lawyer
  2. Strangers in the Day
  3. Promenade du maquereau
  4. The Invasion of Poland
  5. Please Come to My House
  6. Are You Warm Enough?
  7. Swamp
  8. Swamp (Part Two)
  9. Are You Warm Enough Again?
  10. The King of Thailand, the Queen of Stairs
  11. A Hundred Miles From Harry
  12. Nicoletta Can’t Cook
  13. Fork in the Road
  14. Variety Theme
  15. Porno Booth
  16. Porno Booth II
  17. Car
  18. Million Dollar Walk
  19. Andres Leaps In
  20. Garter Belt
  21. End Titles

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Howard Shore – Videodrome (1983)

Videodrome CD Cover

  1. Welcome to Videodrome
  2. 801 A/B
  3. A Slow Burn
  4. TV or Not TV
  5. TV Passions
  6. Pins and Needles
  7. Long Live The New Flesh

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