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John Carpenter – Halloween (1978)


  1. Halloween – Main Title
  2. Laurie’s Escape
  3. Shape Escapes
  4. Meyers’ House
  5. Michael Kills Judith
  6. Loomis And Shape’s Car
  7. “The Haunted House”
  8. The Shape Lurks
  9. Laurie Knows
  10. Better Check The Kids
  11. The Shape Stalks

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Beretta 70: Roaring Themes from Italian Police Films 1971-1980


  1. Goblin – La Via Della Droga
  2. Guido And Maurizio De Angelis – Goodbye My Friend
  3. Adriano Fabi – Mark
  4. Armando Trovaioli – Blazing Magnum
  5. Guido And Maurizio De Angelis – Driving All Around
  6. Stelvio Cipriani – La Polizia Ha Le Mani Legate
  7. Luis Bacalov – Summertime Killer
  8. Franco Micalizzi – Man Before Your Time
  9. Franco Micalizzi – Folk & Violence
  10. Guido And Maurizio De Angelis – Life Of A Policeman
  11. Guido And Maurizio De Angelis – New Special Squad
  12. Franco Micalizzi – Italia A Mano Armata
  13. Paolo Vasile – Escape
  14. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera – Nucleo Antirapina

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Jazz in Paris: Jazz & Cinema Volume 2

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Stan Getz & Coleman Hawkins & Oscar Peterson

  1. Les Tricheurs
  2. Clo’s Blues
  3. Phil’s Tune
  4. Mic’s Jump

Art Blakey & Lee Morgan

  1. Generique
  2. Pierre et Beatrice
  3. Nasol
  4. Tom
  5. Poursuite dans la Ruelle
  6. Ne Chuchote Pas
  7. Mambo dans la Voiture
  8. Merlin
  9. Juste pour eux Seuls
  10. Blues pour Doudou
  11. Blues pour Marcel
  12. Blues pour Vava
  13. Pasquier
  14. Quaglio
  15. La Divorce de Le Fall
  16. Suspense, Tom et Nasol
  17. Des Femmes Disparaissent
  18. Final Pour Pierre et Beatrice

Francois Jeanneau

  1. La Bride sur le Cou
  2. Brigitte Strip Blues

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Jazz In Paris: Jazz & Cinema Volume 1 (2002)


Barney Wilen

  1. Témoin Dans La Ville
  2. La Pendaison
  3. Mélodie Pour Les Radio-Taxis
  4. Poursuite Et Métro
  5. Ambiance Pourpre
  6. Préméditation Dans L’Appartement
  7. La Vie N’Est Qu’Une Lutte
  8. Complainte Du Chauffeur
  9. Sur L ‘Antenne
  10. Blues De L’Antenne
  11. S.O.S. Radio-Taxis
  12. Final Au Jardin D’Acclimatation

Alain Goraguer

  1. Blues De Memphis
  2. 14. Générique
  3. Thème D’Amour
  4. Thème De Liz
  5. Blues De Memphis
  6. Surprise-Partie Au Bord De L’Eau

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Cinemaphonic: Soul Punch (2001)


  1. Syd Dale – Number One Spy
  2. Syd Dale – Knock On Wood
  3. Steve Gray – Winning Is Easy
  4. Syd Dale – Disco Tek
  5. Piet Van Meren – Soul Punch
  6. Dick Hyman – Flute Loop
  7. Piet Van Meren – Cool Echo
  8. Alan Hawkshaw – Mile High Swinger
  9. David Snell – Crab Apple Jam
  10. A. Hawkshaw / B. Bennett – Daytripper
  11. A. Hawkshaw / B. Bennett – Oddball
  12. Syd Dale – Base Line
  13. Bill Geldard – Flute Salad
  14. Don Harper – Purple Blues

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Cinemaphonic: Electro Soul (2000)


  1. Hocus Pokus – Walter Murphy
  2. Hot Buns – Mario Nascimbene
  3. Creepy Street – Walter Murphy
  4. Wailing Wail – Nicholas Flagello
  5. Rhythm & Rock – Johnny Hawksworth
  6. Mellow Dancer – Fernando Antonio Pearson
  7. Dancin’ – Walter Murphy
  8. Ebony Tower – Michael Coliccio
  9. Harvey Wallbanger – Edward Simon
  10. Hot Asphalt – Mario Nascimbene
  11. Shake & Bake – Mario Nascimbene
  12. Mr. Max – Tom Manoff
  13. Man Through The Day – Michael Colina
  14. Street Corner Talk – Fernando Antonio Pearson
  15. Hot Line – Emmanuel Vardi/Lenny Hambro
  16. Afrocat – Richard C. Sanders
  17. Electro Soul – Richard C. Sanders
  18. Lunar Module – Earl Salisbury

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10,000 Visitors!

After starting this blog as a hobby to share some of my favorite soundtracks, I can’t believe how far its come. I’m so glad that there has been this much response to this music and I hope it has allowed all of you to access music you might not have and expand your musical horizons. My hope is that you will look deeper into each of the artist’s catalogs and discover more music and films. Soundtracks are all about supporting the visual medium of film but I think they deserve just as much respect as independent pieces of music. It’s great to be able to visualize the scene on film that correlates with the music, but also be able to appreciate the music on it’s own merit. There are so many talented composers and artists that it seems difficult to be able to keep with it all. I hope this blog helps the next 10,000 visitors the chance to discover more of the music they might have not otherwise heard.

So what’s next?


  • Angelo Badalamenti
  • Carter Burwell
  • Phillip Glass


  • Jazz in Paris: Jazz & Cinema Volumes 1-5
  • Cinemaphonic: Soul Punch & Electro Soul
  • Beretta 70 – Themes From Thrilling Italian Police Films 1971-80

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