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So things are still really busy around here, so until next week there will be no new posts. BUT!

I have stumbled upon another music blog that may tide you over till then. If you at all enjoyed any of these posts, then you might like this blog.

It’s called the “Vintage Library Emporium” and its amazing.

The link will be posted in the blogroll for future enjoyment.

Okay bye.


Freedom Power: Music for Film & Television


  1. Sigla RP
  2. Privacy
  3. Dopping 2000
  4. Feasing
  5. Reaction
  6. Psyco
  7. Vortice
  8. Love For Sale
  9. Freedom Power
  10. Metropolis Notte
  11. Trip Free

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Note: I noticed people seemed to enjoy the Cinemaphonic posts so here is some more Library music which is likely out of print.

Cinemaphonic: Soul Punch (2001)


  1. Syd Dale – Number One Spy
  2. Syd Dale – Knock On Wood
  3. Steve Gray – Winning Is Easy
  4. Syd Dale – Disco Tek
  5. Piet Van Meren – Soul Punch
  6. Dick Hyman – Flute Loop
  7. Piet Van Meren – Cool Echo
  8. Alan Hawkshaw – Mile High Swinger
  9. David Snell – Crab Apple Jam
  10. A. Hawkshaw / B. Bennett – Daytripper
  11. A. Hawkshaw / B. Bennett – Oddball
  12. Syd Dale – Base Line
  13. Bill Geldard – Flute Salad
  14. Don Harper – Purple Blues

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Cinemaphonic: Electro Soul (2000)


  1. Hocus Pokus – Walter Murphy
  2. Hot Buns – Mario Nascimbene
  3. Creepy Street – Walter Murphy
  4. Wailing Wail – Nicholas Flagello
  5. Rhythm & Rock – Johnny Hawksworth
  6. Mellow Dancer – Fernando Antonio Pearson
  7. Dancin’ – Walter Murphy
  8. Ebony Tower – Michael Coliccio
  9. Harvey Wallbanger – Edward Simon
  10. Hot Asphalt – Mario Nascimbene
  11. Shake & Bake – Mario Nascimbene
  12. Mr. Max – Tom Manoff
  13. Man Through The Day – Michael Colina
  14. Street Corner Talk – Fernando Antonio Pearson
  15. Hot Line – Emmanuel Vardi/Lenny Hambro
  16. Afrocat – Richard C. Sanders
  17. Electro Soul – Richard C. Sanders
  18. Lunar Module – Earl Salisbury

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