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Carter Burwell – Adaptation (2002)


  1. Adaptation (Fatboy Slim Remix)
  2. The Evolution Of The Screenwriter
  3. The Writer And The Crazy White Man
  4. An Unashamed Passion
  5. The Evolution Of Evolution
  6. On Judgement, Human And Otherwise
  7. Whittle The World Down
  8. On The Similarity Of Human And Orchid…
  9. The Screenwriter’s Nightmare
  10. Approaching The Object Of Desire
  11. Shinier Than Any Ant
  12. The Slough Pit Of Creation
  13. Adaptation Versus Immutability
  14. Effects Of Sibling Pressure
  15. Evasion And Escape
  16. The Unexpressed Expressed
  17. The Screenwriter’s Nightmare
  18. Happy Together (Performed by The Turtles)

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