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Angelo Badalamenti – The Straight Story (1999)


  1. Laurens, Iowa
  2. Rose’s Theme
  3. Laurens Walking
  4. Sprinkler
  5. Alvin’s Theme
  6. Final Miles
  7. Country Waltz
  8. Rose’s Theme (Variation)
  9. Country Theme
  10. Crystal
  11. Nostalgia
  12. Farmland Tour
  13. Montage

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Angelo Badalamenti – Blue Velvet (1986)


  1. Main Title
  2. Night Streets / Sandy and Jeffrey
  3. Frank
  4. Jeffrey’s Dark Side
  5. Mysteries of Love (French Horn Solo)
  6. Frank Returns
  7. Mysteries Of Love (Instrumental)
  8. Blue Velvet / Blue Star (Montage)
  9. Lumberton U.S.A. / Going Down To Lincoln (sound effects suite)
  10. Akron Meets The Blues
  11. Honky Tonk (part I) (performed by Bill Doggett)
  12. In Dreams (performed by Roy Orbison)
  13. Love Letters (performed by Ketty Lester)
  14. Mysteries of Love (performed by Julee Cruise)

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Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (1992)


  1. Theme For Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me
  2. The Pine Float
  3. Sycamore Trees
  4. Don’t Do Anything (I Wouldn’t Do)
  5. A Real Indication
  6. Questions In A World Of Blue
  7. The Pink Room
  8. The Black Dog Runs At Night
  9. Best Friends
  10. Moving Through Time
  11. Montage From Twin Peaks (Girl Talk/Birds In Hell/Laura Palmer’s Theme/Falling)
  12. The Voice Of Love

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Angelo Badalamenti – Twin Peaks (1990)


  1. Twin Peaks Theme
  2. Laura Palmer’s Theme
  3. Audrey’s Dance
  4. The Nightingale
  5. Freshly Squeezed
  6. The Bookhouse Boys
  7. Into The Night
  8. Night Life In Twin Peaks
  9. Dance Of The Dream Man
  10. Love Theme From Twin Peaks
  11. Falling

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