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Beretta 70: Roaring Themes from Italian Police Films 1971-1980


  1. Goblin – La Via Della Droga
  2. Guido And Maurizio De Angelis – Goodbye My Friend
  3. Adriano Fabi – Mark
  4. Armando Trovaioli – Blazing Magnum
  5. Guido And Maurizio De Angelis – Driving All Around
  6. Stelvio Cipriani – La Polizia Ha Le Mani Legate
  7. Luis Bacalov – Summertime Killer
  8. Franco Micalizzi – Man Before Your Time
  9. Franco Micalizzi – Folk & Violence
  10. Guido And Maurizio De Angelis – Life Of A Policeman
  11. Guido And Maurizio De Angelis – New Special Squad
  12. Franco Micalizzi – Italia A Mano Armata
  13. Paolo Vasile – Escape
  14. Bixio, Frizzi & Tempera – Nucleo Antirapina

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